This game mode was originally teased in a tweet

  • On top of this crossover fans of Rocket League also have the Chaos Run paid DLC where you’ll get to play in a post-apocalyptic world and then a Snow Day with a game modifier to have Rocket League turn into a game of ice hockey to look forward to on the 14th of December.


    Rocket League is getting a brand new game mode next week as fans can go from playing soccer with rocket powered cars to Rocket League Items playing basketball. This game mode was originally teased in a tweet at the beginning of this month and developers Psyonix have finally revealed when it will be available via a post on their official website.

    Starting on the 26th of April Rocket League Hoops puts a basketball twist on the usual rocket league formula. This update will be free to all players. Instead of trying to score a soccer ball in your opponents goal you’ll have to be juggling the ball up high to get it through the hoop. A trailer was released with this announcement showing off just what to expect including a new arena and look for the ball.