Uchieri understands their needs better than us

  • Raptors officials announced today that they have fired head coach Dwayne Casey.

    During the guest show, former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin talked about the matter. He said: "For them, Marseille (Raptor President Marseille Ujéry) understands their needs better than we do. He The goal is set on a number of specific things and is set on a specific person who fits them.”

    Casey became the head coach of the Raptors in 2011 and led the team to NBA 2K18 MT  a regular season record of 320 wins and 238 losses. He has made the playoffs for five consecutive seasons from the 2013-14 season. The best result was in 2015-16. Season reached the Eastern Conference finals. This season, he led the Raptors to a team-best regular-season record (59 wins and 23 losses), ranking first in the Eastern Conference regular season, but was eliminated 4-0 by the Cavaliers in the second round of the playoffs.