A Rocket League still has a lot of rope

  • The Rocket Pass should always be available for a few months before being replaced by a new Rocket Pass. Psyonix wants to give players new ways to unlock items and titles. The Rocket Pass is currently under development and will receive more information when it is released.

    A Rocket League still has a lot of rope, and Psyonix has announced a lot of  Rocket League Keys news that will be coming to the game over the coming months. The most important of these is probably the Rocket Pass, which will help developers to continue to earn income while offering a series of advantages and exclusive news to their buyers.

    The Rocket Pass will work in a manner quite similar to the Fortnite Battle Pass. It will work by seasons, and will give access to cosmetic objects and challenges that will offer diverse rewards. Psyonix will offer more information about its content and price before its release.