In other Rocket League news

  • In other Rocket League news, earlier this month, Psyonix released a port of Rocket League Keys their popular title to Nintendo’s hybrid console the Switch. Additionally, if you would like to hear our thoughts on Rocket League‘s Switch port, you can check out our hands-on preview of the title.


    If you were hoping to be able to jump into Rocket League to try out the brand new DC Super Heroes DLC Pack then you may be a bit disappointed but excited to find out that developer Psyonix has also released a new patch in conjunction with the DLC’s launch.


    While the patch, of course, adds the ability to buy the new add-on content, v1.42 also adds and fixes a number of different features. First and foremost, all “Snowy” versions of maps have been changed to “Stormy” versions of Mannfield, Beckwith Park, and DFH Stadium.In addition to the new variants, v1.42 also gives spectators the ability to chat while a match is occurring, and the look of the Season 6 – Diamond Wheels has also been changed, although the extent of this change is not known.