In the Mets case with Jacob deGrom

  • In the Mets' case with Jacob deGrom, the outcome at least wasn't nearly as dire — X-rays of the hyperextended elbow or biceps he sustained from swinging too hard in a third-inning at-bat Wednesday coming up negative — and the hope is he'll be able to make his next start Monday.

    But quite simply, more than all other position players, pitchers break down, and when they do, it's more often than not for extended periods. That's why you wonder if it was really a pipe dream to Madden 18 Coins think the Mets — who last year lost their entire rotation with the exception of deGrom to various injuries — were going to make their run for the NL East title largely on the strength of their much-heralded starting pitchers all finally staying healthy and maxing out on their potential.

    With Matt Harvey already having pitched himself from the rotation to the psychiatrist's couch and Steven Matz's every start an exercise in fragility, be it mind or body, if deGrom's injury turned out to be as severe at Montgomery's in terms of time lost, you could kiss the Mets' season — the whole donut, if you will — goodbye. By signing Jason Vargas this spring, the Mets thought they had somewhat guarded against not having enough starting pitching, but the 35-year-old lefty was routed Thursday for the second straight outing and now sports a 16.20 ERA with 20 hits and five homers allowed in his two starts. So much for that two-year, $16 million "insurance policy."