We do not just win by three points

  • Today, Rockets player Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker and Trevor Ariza accepted the interview with reporters about the problem of poor projection in the series.

    "Our entire series has not yet hit a lot of threes," Gordon said. "We just insist on doing what we have to do and seize the opponent's loopholes on the offensive end."

    "We'll hit the shots," Tucker said. "We don't worry about this. We know we'll make it. We'll continue to Cheap NBA 2K18 MT  do it and do the same thing. As long as we keep the defensive intensity, we have a chance every night to win." ball."

    "Our defensive shows that we have different ways to win the game," said Ariza. "We don't just rely on three points. Now we have to rely on our defense to tell us how to win."