the central tool to assist you to reach your fitness goals

  • If everything you could expect to escape your weight scales can be a daily update with your weight, you're drastically underestimating this straightforward bathroom fixture. Today’s scales can measure many methods from your body mass index in your bone mass, along with connected apps and fitness trackers, the lavatory scale may be the central tool to assist you to reach your fitness goals.


    Our pick for the best basic digital scale provides the essential features the majority of people need in a very scale—and then some. It’s comfortable to square on, the backlit display is probably the largest available, it features a 440-pound weight capacity, and it turns don / doff instantly. Weight readings are accurate and sensitive, detecting weight changes as much as 0.4 pound when other scales couldn’t. The scale is backed by the confidence-inspiring two-year warranty, too. Also, although it’s a cheap bathroom scale, the etekcity weight scale comes with a few more features than your weight reading, including last reading and memory for approximately four people.


    Our old digital scale was the tap-to-activate, wait-to-use type that has been most common once they started on industry. I think it cam from Costco, and served it's purpose. I'm very nearsighted, though, and couldn't look at numbers while standing...were required to step off and bend right down to read. Anyway, this scale is great, with immediate step-on use. The display is large, clear, and well illuminated. It weighs within half a pound with the older scale, with no telling what type is really accurate, but I'm content knowing they weight that close. One on the best features in my opinion is the by using standard AAA batteries. The old Costco scale used a CR2032 button battery.I have several Etekcity products now and I've been very delighted by the quality of each device, never been burned.


    We just lately bought this scale but until now I love it. It's very thin as well as the readout is fantastic. Our old scale was the type that had an arrow as well as the numbers and dashes involving the numbers rolled forward and backward until it settled. The trouble was, the numbers were in 10s and also you couldn't see the hatch marks in relating to the numbers so I couldn't know if it was 145 or 148 lbs. This new digital scale removes the guess work which I love, it digitally shows the actual weight. It's easy to read.