How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress Or Outfit

  • A prom is a Cheap Shapewear Cheap Shapewear very important time in a girl's life and one that requires a certain amount of thought when deciding what to wear. As few of us go to regular formal events, you will probably wear something completely different to your usual attire. It is a good idea to have a good look around before deciding on your prom outfit. Look for inspiration including celebrities and red carpet pictures. Also try combining different accessories and shoes with different dresses so that you get an idea of how they might look. There are some key things to think about when deciding on your prom dress or outfit:

    Style - You should Cheap Sexy Clothes pick a style that suits your body shape and that you will feel comfortable in. There are plenty of guides available to advise you on which styles of dress will suit which body shape. Also consider what sort of prom you are going to. Whilst at some everyone wears long and very formal gowns, at others girls will wear less formal cocktail dresses, you should be able to get an idea by talking to others who are going and looking at pictures from previous years.

    Colour - Think Cheap Shapewear carefully about which colours go well with your hair and eye colour and skin tone. If in doubt try a dress on to see how it looks. The colour of your dress should illuminate your complexion and make it glow. If it does not, it is probably not the right colour of dress for you.

    Accessories - The accessories that you wear with your prom dress are almost as (sometimes more) important than the dress. They will finish off the whole look and sometimes make a statement on their own. Usually, if you have a simple dress then you can really go to town on accessories, although don't over do it, one or two statement accessories are usually enough. Use your accessories to show off your individuality. If your dress is really eye catching, you will probably look best with more subtle accessories. Some of the accessories that you can wear include jewellery, stoles, shrugs or wraps, hair ornaments, belts or sashes, gloves and handbags.

    Shoes - Choose a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable in. Usually a beautiful pair of high heels will look amazing with a prom dress but make sure that you can walk in them as hobbling/tottering or limping is not a good look, especially at your prom. If in doubt try walking around the house in your shoes for an hour or two before the actual night.