Product overview of bimatoprost

  • Most women prefer to have long and thick eye lashes. The lashes have a significant impact on their beauty. However, to grow the lashes, they must rely on the various treatments. Never believe that every treatment is effective. Some only lead to loss of cash for buyers. Others are dangerous to the health of the user. The bimatoprost is the most reliable drug for growing healthy lashes. Apart from growing lashes, it treats glaucoma. The treatment also darkens the eyelids.


    The medication is among a group of drugs known as prostaglandins. The treatment helps in increasing the release of excess fluids from the eye. That is how it manages to lower pressure in the eye. Increasing pressure in the eye causes glaucoma. The drug is administered in eye drops. The drops are meant to target the affected areas of the eye. The patient is supposed to get a drop of the generic Latisse every evening. A single drop is enough to provide the needed results.


    Brand names


    The products are made under different brand names. The most common brands include latise and lumigan. However, it is good for the users to know how to identify the genuine brands. That is because of the increasing supply of fake treatments. The perpetrators behind the supply of the illegal treatments do it online. The online platform is the suitable place to get unsuspecting buyers. Never buy bimatoprost of any other brand name that is not FDA certified.


    Side effects


    While taking the drug, expect the side effects. However, the side effects do not destroy the health of the user. That is why the experts recommended the drug for treating glaucoma and stimulating lash growth. The side effects are manageable.


    The treatment will turn the colored part of the eye brown. According to the experts the change can become permanent. The eye lids will be darkened after the treatment. The most common side effects of the medication that is loved by many are increased growth of the eye lashes. That is accompanied by an itchiness of the eye which causes it to turn red. 4% of the people that were used to test the drug experienced itchiness and lash growth. The treatment will affect other parts of the skin that come in contact with it. The users should expect the following side effects too;


    • itchy eyes
    • dry eyes
    • burning eyes
    • eye pain or irritation
    • eye tearing
    • headaches
    • sensitivity to light
    • pink eye
    • redness or swelling of the eyelid


    All the side effects will be reversed once the user stops the bimatoprost medication. Seeking more info about the side effects from the doctors and pharmacists is good. It helps users to prepare mentally before taking the drugs. When the symptoms persist, visit a medical doctor.




    Are you under medication? It is good to enlighten the doctor about that before taking the generic Latisse prescription. Ask the doctor to clarify more about the drug interactions. This information and expert guidance will protect you from medical complications.