Why I Keep Playing MapleStory

  • Hey guys, welcome to maplestory2 mesos.com - the homeland of MS Mesos players. I really wish to understand why do you keep enjoying MapleStory game? By a twist of fate? Ok, I play the game, because it is really a fantastic game, easy and easy!

    Well, just watch every game on the market and you'll find 1 thing that they all have in common. They became easy and easyier. Now a day? Not so much.

    As far I know you still need a group of people to perform the newest content? Sound good enough, old articles alway end up simple to farm mesos someday.

    Most boss weren't accessible to the common of mortal from the first days of walnut. It was kinda stupid at time just how long one had to invest. Dragon Carnival has been a breath of fresh air, but I have grown bored of it pretty quickly though lol.

    When NLC got released, I wasn't playing much anymore sooo yeah. I remember when they announced Aran and I had been sitting in the front of my PC for hours simply to make my personality and go at it. It was actually a fun class(not sure now a day the way that it seem like, since I didn't play Aran for 2 years lol)

    Then the match became more casual and they started to sell buy Maplestory Mesos that gave enormous benefit. I guess there wasn't much anyone starting the match anymore and they had a way to bring people back.

    So yeah, the ancient days were awesome. But im pretty sure if they left it like it had been back then. The game would be already dead. There is that much you can perform using a 2D Side-scroller. The narrative telling never been all that awesome either.

    I have enjoyed a great deal of fun and had good MapleStory memories in previous years, I believe I will keep playing MapelStory in the upcoming several years, then I'll play it with my son, even my grandson, in a word, I will not abandon MapleStory, love forever.