Questions To Ask Yourself When You Can’t Get Turned On Anymore

  • There are times when you are unable to get turned on anymore. It happens eventually to everyone. At times, people wonder as why suddenly they don’t have compelling and incredible desire for their partners. They start asking themselves some of the big questions as “Why doesn’t he or she turns you on now” where did his or her love going?” and more. As per one expert, the mantra that he selects to live by is, “truth is simple” and it really applies well on such a situation. Unless you have hormone imbalance or medical condition that can make you feel less sexy and you cannot find these magic sweet and sexy spot with main, the cause is majorly one thing, lack of the emotional & mental connection. Not only lack of the connection with the partner, but also with yourself.

    The brain is the largest organ of sex and if you are not feeling connected and sexy, it can also mean that you are not connecting on such emotional levels. Einstein also said it once, when he stated that, “issue need to be clearly resolved 6 layers down from where it presented” & sex is highest tier of the communication. So if you are not talking & bonding in all these ways which matter, sex will not happen in the way it was earlier. Thus, it is important to have connection and you should realize that everyone is 100 per cent responsible for their own and for their happiness in every relationship.

    Sex is also the symptom of the deeper issues which need to be solved and when people are not aware of the underlying problems, the “turn on switch” gets flipped off and people become unable in feeling that the love and passion that once they had for their partners, is not loss, it is just hidden. What can assist in such a situation is, asking you some of the meaningful and deep questions & answers in a trusted way than with the radical honesty. If you are turned off from partner, then try answering some of the questions for better understanding how you can get the things back on the track. Some of the common questions that you must ask are as follows,

    Question 1: Are you upset with partner or is there any imbalance of the responsibilities?

    Well, anger is secondary emotion which covers up vulnerable feelings like hurt, sadness and fear. Get real on own and figure out what you are feeling actually about the role & the partner. The feelings are barometers which guides people in understanding themselves better.

    Question 2: Are you the one who resent partner for anything?

    This is huge. When people feel resentful and might not acknowledge what they feel, they withdraw emotionally automatically. Sex is possible only when people are connected emotionally. You must figure out what can be resenting the partner & decide if it is something that must bring for lighting.

    Question 3: Do you feel secured and safe in relationship?

    The attachment that you feel to partner is really important as security and safety which a child needs is primary caregiver, so if you are feeling unsafe or insecure in any of the way, then “switch” can really flip. Make sure you feel emotionally and physically secured and you are also free from all fears too. Trusting the partner and ensuring that you are both similar as a team is important

    Question 4: Do you feel the love? Do you communicate with love languages?

    Everyone feel the love in different number of ways. Some of the experts call it as “love language” that can include the touch, affirmation and time. Determine the love language & compare the same with partner. They can be different languages so that you might have to change something in ways that you express with partner and can feel equally loved.

    Question 5: Do you enjoy fun outside bedroom?

    Remember the fun? If you have not been having the fun, then think about what it is that brought in together in first place or even figure what you enjoy doing together? Then do more. If you cannot have the fun outside bedroom, then you are not going to have much fun in the same.

    Question 6: Are you taking time for yourself?

    Are you the one who is making time for own creativity, exercise and friends? Everyone need to feel they are living with purpose & expressing their authentic selves, if they don’t then they can project the unfulfilled selves onto partners in the hope to find their fulfillment in themselves. The best of relationship works when the two individuals bring in whole, creating selves into relation & share purpose.

    Question yourself about these things and you must take care of your own before you can really take care of someone else.

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