Kangen water machine – Come back to your roots

  • Can anyone survive without water? The answer has to be ‘NO.’ Let us go through a critical piece of statistics. Water comprises more than 70% of this planet. Out of this 70%, an overwhelming 97% is saline, and 2% is in the form of ice behind the ice caps. What does that leave for the world to satisfy its water requirements? A simple mathematical calculation says that 1% is available for consumption for the entire planet. You have to contend with industrial and other kinds of pollution that are making this 1% difficult for human consumption. Is there a way to purify this water we use directly from the taps? Yes, there is. The Kangen water machine can do this job for you. Let us see the concept of Kangen water and learn the benefits of using the same for our domestic needs.

    What is Kangen water?

    Kangen is a Japanese word that translates to ‘return to origin.’ This term, ‘return to origin’ has a dual meaning. Returning to origin means returning the water to purity levels it had when the earth was young without the presence of industries and other factors that cause water pollution. It also means to return the body to the state it used to be before suffering the effects of toxicity and aging.  

    Hence, the concept of Kangen water is to purify the existing tap water so that it becomes fit for human consumption.  

    The argument:

    People can argue that you have enough water filters and purifiers in the market that work on technologies like RO/UV and others to purify tap water. However, have you noticed that these systems waste a lot of water in the process? They can provide potable drinking water but in the bargain waste a lot of water. The water scarcity position does not allow you to do so. The Kangen water filter system can purify your drinking water but provide water for your other domestic needs instead of letting this water to run waste.   

    The mechanism:

    Any liquid has to be acidic, neutral, or alkaline in nature. Water is supposed to be the most neutral of all fluids with an ideal pH value of 7. Any figure below 7 means the water becomes acidic. Similarly, a liquid with pH value above 7 is an alkaline one. Ideally, one should consume water at pH level 7. Is it possible under the usual circumstances? The answer has to be ‘NO.’ This Kangen water filter system can manufacture five different types of water ranging from the strong alkaline water to the strong acidic water. Every kind of water has its uses. We shall look at the individual applications for each type of water over a series of articles on the subject.  

    In simple words, the Kangen water system works on the principles of electrolysis of tap water using which it can provide clean and pure water for consumption and other purposes without wasting water in the bargain. We shall see the working of this system in another blog.

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