The NFL brought together bosses

  • The NFL brought together bosses, coaches, players, medical staff, and player union representatives in the league to discuss opening kickoff issues in New York. The result of Madden 18 Coins the discussions between the parties is that kick-off will be implemented in the NFL games, but major changes will have to be made.

    At present, the tentative rule adjustment plan is as follows:

    1 The kicker must not have any advancement or other actions before the kick-off.

    2 A 15 yard non-contact area will be established before the kick-off point.

    3 At the time of kick-off, at least 8 people at the ball pick-up lined up at 15 yards away.

    4 The use of wedge-shaped tactics is forbidden for the catcher (forbidden to take the ball shoulder-to-shoulder sprint to open the way for returning players)

    Whether the above rules will eventually be implemented or not will need to wait until next Tuesday at the Spring League meeting in Atlanta. From the viewer's point of view, this rule does not seem to be harmless, but the league believes that the above measures are conducive to protecting the health of players.