Steelers quarterback Rosliesberg Plan to fight another 3 to 5 y

  • When the Pittsburgh Steelers selected quarterback Cheap Madden 18 Coins Mason Rudolph in the third round of this year's draft, it seems that they have finally confirmed the succession of Ben-Rossberg.

    After all, the Steelers fully showed confidence in Rudolph - General Manager Kevin Colbert said that Rudolph was considered by the Steelers to be one of the best quarterbacks in the draft - and 36 years old This book is no longer young.

    But on Tuesday, Big Ben himself poured water on Rudolph's idea of ??becoming his successor two to three years later.

    "Okay, that's fine. He can be my successor," Big Ben said. "But according to the situation and my health, if I can stay healthy, I plan to play another three to five years."

    "If he can become the starting quarterback for the Steelers, that's great, but in my ideal situation he will take a long time to start."

    Big Ben had never revealed that he intended to play another five-year ball. He said he is still assessing his career every year. "I still think about it once a year and then make every effort to determine the year of the battle. But I would like to tell management about my plan."

    This is the first time that the Big Ben, who has always hinted at retirement, has made it clear that he wants to reach the age of 40. If Big Ben plays five more years, he will be 41 when he retire. In the case where he still plays professional bowl level, Steelers should be willing to let him continue as the startinger. The question is, how long can Rodolph continue to occupy the starting quarterback position as he grows?